15 March 2017

{IMPORTANT} this blog is moving!!!

Hey!  Just wanted to let everyone know that Inklings Of The Inkpot Girl is moving in with my other blog, Lavender & Blue, simply for the sake of simplicity. ;)  I'll be posting all my writings (as well as photography) there.  I would definitely love you keep in touch with you all, so if you haven't seen my other blog, please stop by!  There is still access to all of my Writing Secrets 101 posts, but if you have a certain one of my other posts in mind you'd like me to keep available, let me know.
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Adieu for now!  Hope to see you at LAVENDER & BLUE.

11 March 2017

"aesthetic-looking things"

Ahh . . . books are such aesthetic looking things.  Looking at my bookshelf makes me wish I read more. *wishful thinking*
Has anyone read "Our Mutual Friend" by Dickens?  It looks really interesting and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about it before I dive into its pages.

03 March 2017

The Chronicles of Starfield book 1 // chapter 2

Wow, three blog posts in one day—this is wild!! :D
Access Chapter One HERE.  Enjoy!  

Chapter Two
Iris Elderwood

Iris sighed heavily. She stared out the window and watched the yellow hills scattered with huge swooping trees reaching their bare skeleton branches up to the hard steel gray sky. The ground was covered with fading leaves blowing and tumbling over themselves in the wind. She was bumping along in the Margaret12 with her aunt and uncle, the train that went from Heidelberg, Germany to London. She had lived in Germany with her parents until the accident. The Police said they had died in a car crash, but as Iris was at school when it happened, so she didn’t know if that was true or not. The thing is, they never found the bodies of her parents. Just there crashed car on the highway, that was flipped upside down. At the funeral, the caskets were empty.
“Hang in there Iris, honey. Only about fifteen more minutes or so,” said her aunt Mabel.
“You, know…,” said Uncle Kwent slyly. “Perhaps you should go explore and see if you can find the baggage car. Maybe look for your backpack?”
     “Really?” said Iris, a sly grin on her face.
     “Well . . . Kwent dear, are you sure . . .?” stammered her aunt, but Iris was already gone, walking down the aisle to the back of the train towards baggage car.

    It had already been about forty-five minutes, and she was still slowly walking through a dizzying amount of unusually dark corridors, taking in her surroundings. The train had begun to look less like your average passenger train, and more like an old victorian hallway. The wallpaper was peeling badly, and all of the trim was dark maple. It looked as if it had been proud and lavishly decorated once, but old age was slowly stripping it of its beauty. The walls of the corridors were lined with disturbing oil paintings set in dust-adorned gold and ivory frames. They were ancient portraits of demon-like people with wide eyes and sallow cheeks holding what looked to be wands in their pale long fingered hands. One was a hunting scene. The men in the painting were pursuing strange inhuman creatures that Iris had never seen the likeness of before.
It had begun to drizzle outside, and the heavy wind roaring against the train made it an even eerier setting. Iris was starting to get a little nervous, her palms were sweaty, and her breath came quick. She now ascended three flights of narrow stairs, strangely dark and cold. After a few paces, they brought her to a small room -- what she thought was the baggage car. In this room, like the corridors, everything was trimmed with dark maple glazed wood. The walls were covered in paintings, and wallpaper was hung in bags from the walls. Well, I might as well start looking for my backpack, thought Iris. She looked down at the piles and piles of luggage only none of it looked quite right. The baggage looked, unreal, and not completely solid. But Iris dismissed this shuddering thought, and started digging through piles of suitcases, bags, and backpacks, until she found her little leather satchel and suitcase. However, Iris was not expecting what she would find with it and what that thing would eventually lead her to.
I don’t remember seeing this before, thought Iris. On top of her suitcase, beside her backpack, was a middle sized brown paper package, with what looked like hemp twine tied around it. It was addressed to her in red ink which looked hauntingly like blood against the brown paper.
 Wolvercote, London, EN
173 Queens Ln.


Ms. Iris G. Elderwood
11:32 A.M , Margaret12
London, England

     Iris was exceedingly puzzled. Was it from her aunt and uncle? Meant to be a joke? A gift? Only, she hadn’t seen them carry it on the train. Could it have been in their suitcase? When could they have had the time to take it out? She had been with them all day. Iris started to untie the hemp string around the package and tear off the brown paper. Suddenly, something in the package exploded causing a cloud of glittery gray smoke to mask her vision completely. She struggled to remain standing. There in her hands were four pages of crisp white parchment, for that was what the package had turned into. She scanned the first page which was a short letter telling her that she had been accepted to a school called Starfield School for the Specially Gifted. She flipped to the next page.

Starfield School
for the
Specially Gifted

Main Staff
Headmaster - Lucifer Ellsworth
Deputy Headmistress: Bathida Norris
Caretaker and Security - Finnigan Horace
Deputy Security - Rose-bay Willow
Starfield train conductor - Thomas Argent

§75 crowns per trimester
§218 crowns per year term

School rules
  • All students are required to turn out dormitory lights at 10:00 p.m.
  • Wandering the halls after 9:30 p.m. is absolutely forbidden
  • Students must stay on school grounds unless given permission by the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress
  • Students are not allowed to be outside past 8:00 p.m.
  • Students will respect teachers and other students
  • Boys and girls are not allowed to be in each other’s dormitories
  • Students are not allowed in the library after it closes or before it opens (opens: 5 a.m. closes: 10:00 p.m.)
  • Restricted shelf in library is not under any circumstances to be touched by students
  • Different House students are not permitted in each other’s dormitories
  • Skipping class is disallowed unless you have permission from a teacher
  • All assignments you hand in must be your own work and turned in on time
  • If you are having difficulty with a class, please schedule a tutoring session with the appropriate teacher
  • Being late for class is not allowed. Please be seated in your correct classroom by the time the bell rings
  • Bring only required books and materials to classes
  • We request that you refrain from sliding down the school banisters as they are very old
  • Students must wear school uniform in classes (you may wear other clothes on weekends and holidays)
  • When in class, please remain seated and silent unless prompted to speak

Starfield Houses:
Each individual student is sorted into a Starfield House (Pippinmist, Mallowbee, Falconclaw, Venomwart, or Nettlewood) at the beginning of the year. Students sorted the previous years stay in their Houses until completing all the magic levels and taking the F.W.E. (Final Wizarding Exam).

Animal: Unicorn
Colors: Light mint green and white
Main House color: Light mint green
Named after: Penelope Pippinmist
Dormitory guard: Elizabeth Barttlebin
Pippinmist head: Pr. Bathilda Norris

Animal: Bumblebee
Colors: Golden yellow and black
Main House color: Golden yellow
Named after: Myrtle Mallowbee
Dormitory guard: Quentin Tetterby
Mallowbee head: Pr. Dorigene Banks

Animal: Elk
Colors: Periwinkle and tan
Main House color: Periwinkle
Named after: Charles Cedarmore
Dormitory guard: Maximilian Hawthorne
Falconclaw head: Pr. Gaeleus Grimm

Animal: Crow
Colors: Olive green and chestnut
Main House color: Olive green
Named after: Henrietta Hallowthorn
Dormitory guard: Maverick Burrell
Venomwart head: Pr. Gideon Harris

Animal: Wolf
Colors: Grey and scarlet
Main House color: Scarlet
Named after: Norman Nettlewood
Dormitory guard: Tarquin Lightningbug
Nettlewood head: Pr. Daedalus Griphook

Starfield’s Secret Police squad
Rose-bay Willow (commander)
Tarquin Lightningbug
Maverick Burrell
Maximilian Hawthorne
Quentin Tetterby
Elizabeth Barttlebin

Required supplies for students
Two plain black work robes
One pointed black hat
1 wand
1 cauldron (self-stirring, brass, silver, copper, etc...)
1 set of glass potion bottles
1 pet (owl, cat, toad, rat, or falcon) Dogs are absolutely prohibited
1 feather quill pen
1 school steamer trunk

School Uniforms
For male students:
2 white long sleeved shirts with starched collars
1 striped tie of house colors            
1 pair of black shoes
1 black sweater vest
2 pairs of long black trousers
1 everyday robe (to be lined with your main house color after Sorting): Mint green (Pippinmist), golden yellow (Mallowbee), periwinkle (Cedarmore), olive green (Hallowthorn), and scarlet (Nettlewood)
5 pairs of main house color socks crew socks
1 black winter cloak (preferably hooded and lined)

For female students:
1 cream white dress with three quarter length sleeves (skirt must be no shorter than fingertip length)
1 light heather gray overskirt
1 pair of black Mary-Jane flats
1 navy blue jacket with collar and three metal clasps
5 pairs of main house color knee socks
1 everyday robe (to be lined with your main house color after Sorting): Mint green (Pippinmist), golden yellow (Mallowbee), periwinkle (Cedarmore), olive green (Hallowthorn), and scarlet (Nettlewood)
1 black winter cloak (preferably hooded and lined)

  • Starflare 220
  • Thunderbolt
  • Firetail 1
  • TimeTurner 5
  • Swoop 360

First Form required books:
A Child’s Guide to Mythical Beasts - Magical Beasts
Defending Oneself - Protective Magic
Dorigene Bank’s Guide to Magical Herbs - Herbology
The Standard Book of Spells and Transfiguration (Grade 1) - Basic Spells and Transfiguration
The Standard Book of Charms (Grade 1) - Household Charms
The Student’s Guide to Potions - Alchemy
Stars in the Sky - Astronomy
Math and English for the Sorcerer - Non-Magica English and Math
A History of Starfield School for the Specially Gifted - History of the Wizarding World
The Natural Forces and Controlling Them - Controlling the Natural Forces

Alchemy - Professor Gaeleus Grimm: Dungeons, classroom number 7/11 - First Forms+
Herbology - Professor Dorigene Banks: Outside, greenhouse number 3 - First Forms+
Protective Magic - Professor Daedalus Griphook: Fourth floor, West Wing, classroom number 3 - First Forms+
Basic Spells and Transfiguration - Professor Bathida Norris: Third floor, South Wing, classroom number 2 - First Forms to Sixth Forms
Weaponry - Professor Jason Trimble: Fourth floor, North wing, classroom number 5 - Third Forms+
Household Charms - Professor Gideon Harris: Second floor, North Wing, classroom number 8 - First Forms to Sixth Forms
Divination - Professor Petunia Flemish: Fourth floor, East Wing, classroom number 5 - Third Forms+
History of the Wizarding World - Professor Obsidian Addington: Third floor, West Wing, classroom number 1 3/4 - First Forms to Seventh Forms
Controlling the Natural Forces - Professor Hazel Toadflax: Fourth floor, North Wing, classroom number 7 - First Forms+
Shape-Shifting - Professor Dimitri Pimpernel: Second floor, South Wing, classroom number 7 - Fourth Forms+
Astronomy - Professor Lilly Comet: Third floor, North Wing, classroom number 4 - First
Languages of Beasts - Professor Elm Peppercorn: Second floor, West Wing, classroom number 9 - Fourth Forms+
Mentalist Magic - Professor Lucinda Darling: First floor, South Wing, classroom number 4 - Fourth Forms+
Non-Magica - English and Math - Professor Norma Wilkins: First floor, North Wing, classroom number 7 - First Forms+
Magical Beasts - Professor Zara Heliotrope: Outside, edge of Blackthorn Wood - First Forms+


Iris blinked twice and shook her head disbelievingly. She stood, and taking the package and her satchel with her, she walked out the door, went down a single flight of stairs, and was back with her aunt and uncle in the passenger car.
“Well you found that quickly, you were gone for only five minutes!” exclaimed her aunt Mabel.
Iris only looked down at her hands, ready to question her aunt and uncle, and though no stack of crisp white parchment was to be seen, Iris saw a faint glitter of shimmery gray smoke in the air. At that very moment, the train lurched to a stop.