20 January 2016

Where Violets Grow | historical novel | update

Recently, I have really been struggling with Where Violets Grow. Its one-year anniversary was on Jan 2., so that was a pretty exciting day! I meant to make a cake but didn't get the chance. ;)
Anyhow, I seriously realized how far my writing has come over the last year and when I look back to my first few chapters, I am seeing my mistakes so clearly. Yet, that is a major problem. It means I have to go back and re-write it all. Maybe this doesn't seem like much to some of you -- I might be overexaggerating -- but knowing me, I am going to change the plot and mess all my hard work up! I don't have enough motivation or fortitude to continue but I don't want to drop the novel . . .  So, we shall see what comes.

Another update is that I re-did the first half of the first chapter and made another chapter to go before it (i.e. the previous first chapter is now chapter two and there is a new chapter one). I believe this action helped me delve into the plotline and characters more, so I am happy with what I did. When I have done a bit more editing, I will post a preview of the current first chapter. :)

And yet another update! Where Violets Grow has 15,188 words and six chapters. While taking a rest on actually writing, I have been designing the interior of the book and messing around with fonts. When I started it, I was really close-minded about fonts and was convinced that I was going to only use Cochin. But recently, I have been letting some other font ideas trickle through my mind, i.e. Times New Roman (this is a pretty standard one) and Garamond (another common one). My favorite so far is Times New Roman 13 pts. Any suggestions? Do you have a preferred font?

Here are some of my favorite quotes for writing encouragement:

- Unknown

Never truly give up on anything you have started.

- Anonymous personage

The journey was not easy; very few journeys are.

- Anonymous personage

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