03 January 2016

Writing Secrets 101 | writer's block

I would like to talk a little bit about my opinion on writer's block. First things first, what is it? 

Writer's block is a common phenomenon that all writers gets once in a while. As amateur writer A.R.K. says in her unfinished book, ARK's Techniques In One's Own Mind, "All good writers get writers block, it is true this is almost always unavoidable.

It's okay and totally normal to run out of ideas or have trouble getting your thoughts down on paper. Part of the reason why some people have such trouble with writer's block is because they don't try to understand what it really is. In fact, there really isn't even such thing as writer's block.

I think when a lot of writers say they have 'writer's block' they just aren't trying hard enough to write and give it their best shot. When you think you have writer's block, try writing something different. Use a new style or even come up with a tiny short story. Even if it's not very good, at least you are writing something.

I looked up exactly what writer's block was on the Internet and here is the definition from the dictionary.

There are a couple different versions/types of writers block. Here are three main ones:

The first type is the kind where you can't think of anything to write. That blank page in your notebook or on the computer just stares back at you menacingly and you can't quite conquer it. This is the cause of a loss of ideas as you might have already concluded. One of the things I find helpful for this is drawing my character. I sketch pictures of what I think I might want to happen, clothing ideas, and expressions. Also, try Pinterest or some other sight such as the latter. Just making a board and pinning random stuff to it that inspires you can help when you're stuck.

The second type is the one where you have a dozen ideas but can't decide which one to use. There are those ideas that come within second of being summoned are that are not very good, and then there are those ones that are fantabulous but you have trouble using for more than a page or two. Here, you're simply overthinking it! Toss out every one of those ideas and start fresh. 

The third is when you are in the middle of a novel and you don't know what happens next. You don't know what to do. This again is your brain giving you the hint that it is out of inspiration. Reread your whole book and just spend a few days or weeks recharging. Those partly formed ideas in your head need to incubate for a while. Go through your book (printed on paper) and edit, changing words out for better and more appropriate ones, and adding details. Though it's tedious, it helps. 

Here is a true example of some of my writer's block: I started my Where Violets Grow novel in Jan 2015. This Jan (2016), I had 14,000 words and started totally over. I put all my trust in God that he would see me through this great sacrifice and I did it. All that work from over a whole year was completely tossed out the window. My writing style and quality changed so much since when I first started Where Violets Grow that I really needed to start fresh. 
A tip: I think that when an author has trouble writing, that it is the cause of something is his/her life that is distracting. To be able to write well, your mind has to be cleared of all other thoughts.

Sources: io9 writer's block post, google, and my own experience. 

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  1. YESSS TO THIS POST. Can i just say how much i relate to this post? i think currently i'm in the third writer's block problem. i've been working on my novel and i know what's supposed to happen next but at the same time i have no idea how to build up to it and all that jazz. But i really loved this post :) in fact, your blog in general is really cool. <3

    - autumn

    1. Autumn,
      You are so sweet. I am so encouraged by your comment! :)
      I know exactly how you feel. I often have that same problem. Just keep trying to get at it, and you'll come up with the real thing somehow. Don't give up! <3

      Sophia xx

  2. Writer's block is the worst! I loved this post, Sophia :) Keep blogging!

    Emily / Lynde Avenue Designs

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! That means a lot. <3

      Sophia xx


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