06 April 2016

Happenings 'round here


Been getting pretty sucked into these Writing Secrets 101 posts lately ;) so I figured it was time for a writing update post from the little workshop. Here's what I have been up to:

Recently, I went through the prologue for The Woodhouse Girls and typed my edits onto the computer. This method of editing (changing words and correcting spelling and grammar) is my least favorite when it comes to editing! It gets pretty frustrating when you are looking for the word on the page that you want to correct and can't find it. However, I know this method along with the others are necessary for editing. After I got those edits onto the document, I printed out the first chapter and attempting another version of editing. Basically, I'm fleshing out the whole chapter by . . . well, more on that soon. ;)

And what else?

I spent a recent afternoon immersing myself in good literature and encouraging inspiration for the Where Violets Grow plot and some certain characters. I am aiming to have a better version of the plotline and story for Where Violets Grow (whether written or not) by this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I have been enjoying a lot of Elizabeth Goudge and some classic fiction romances by Jane Austen, Emily Eden, and such.

Filling up my Book of Names. I'm almost out of pages! I currently have 620, but they add up quickly. ;)

Learning lots of new words! Found a textbook on our bookshelf called Word Wealth by Ward S. Miller and I have been enjoying flipping through the first pages of that and quizzing myself on the new words. Also trying to nail down that grammar using Warriner's English Grammer and Composition (Franklin edition / second course)! An interesting read if you get the chance. :)

Starfield's chapters have been really getting up there lately. Maybe I'll get up the gumption to share it on this blog sometime soon. Fawn and I are about ready to introduce the plot twist (is that what you call it?) which has been really exciting. We have 13,750 words and seven chapters. I am so proud!

Researching the Civil War more! I got a big fat book about it for my birthday and have been digesting it slowly. And just for fun, I'm attempting to memorize the ranks in the army i.e. general, colonel, sergeant, etc . . . Haha, a harder job than you'd think.

Character sketches, profiles, and surfing Pinterest for character photos. I'll post my newest characters on the character page when I get a chance. Been developing Philippe Woodhouse's profile more and more each day, and making a lot of plotlines in my head. My notebook and pencil are never far from reach!

And improving, improving, improving! Everyday I am becoming a better writer -- don't give up!

- What have you been up to? - 


  1. Say, Sophie {neat post by the way}, where did you get the format for this blog? Is this the one you bought---or is it your 'life blog'? I like it, I like the gadget formats and where you click to go see....CHARACTERS for instance.

    Just wandering!



    1. Hehe, sorry--forgot to press 'reply'

      have you heard of the blog 'Down By The Willows?' ~Cute blog--lovely Christian writer, you should check her out!

    2. Hahahaha! ;)

      But which template did you use to make it on blogger?

    3. Whoa, quick commenting! XD Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      Nope, I made this template by myself! :) Thank you for the compliment! <3 And, I used the 'simple' template on Blogger.

      Maybe at some point! I've been thinking about doing a 'big novel reveal' where I post where all the books I am writing are at, but I'm not sure yet. :)

      Yes, I really enjoy her photography! :) (re: Down by the willows)

  2. Oh! And are you going to post the Starfield books on here? I would love to see them!



  3. I've been revising and blogging! You are right, practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to writing. :)

    I'm also commenting to inform you that I have moved my blog to one with a more suitable name and design. I would be more than grateful if you would like to resubscribe and come along with me!

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

    1. Sounds fun! :D

      Certainly! I will go check it out asap. Thank you for letting me know!


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