17 April 2016

The Text Tag

Thank the person who nominated you and give a link to their blog. 
Answer the original 6 text-themed questions.
Add a typography/word related question of your own for those you tagged to answer.
Tag 6+ bloggers, and let them know.
Include these rules in your post. (feel free to use the image above)

The Q
1. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
2. What are three words that you love?
3. What are three words you dislike?
4. If you were to create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe?
5. What is your favorite three punctuation marks?
6. What are three of your favorite fonts?

My Q to the nominees (since I was nominated twice, I'll do two questions and let my nominees take their pick or answer both!)
1. Do you prefer to write in cursive or print?
2. Are you left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous?

My Answers
1. The letter F
2. Furtive, petunia, and astronaut
3. Chalk, selfish, and doubt
4. Carnivalius - clouds in the shapes of animals
5. Tilde (~), plus sign (+), and period (.)
6. Cochin, Times New Roman, and Courier New -->

My Nominees
Amelia R.K., KathrynMorganCarolineMelody, and any others who are interested! Have fun!

I would like to thank Ava @ Quiet Land and Ellie @ On the Other Side of Reality for nominating me to do this super duper fun tag! Thanks again, ladies! 


  1. Your answers were so fun to read! Chalk is such a weird word.;)

    1. Well, thank you! Haha, definitely. :)


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