07 July 2016

Lately + the struggle to keep my room cool

Ugh, how much hotter can it get?  Here in NY, this is the driest summer we've had in years.  Dad says he can't remember the last time we had such a hot, dry summer with a third of the days close to 100F or over.  All the grass is golden brown and crispy and it looks like a desert -- certainly not a pleasure to walk on with bare feet.  The last time we had a good doucing of rain was the end of May and since then, about two tiny rain-showers, and now that it is the beginning of hot July everything here is dying.  The forecast continues to reassure us that there will be rain on Saturday, but we have realized that it is untrustworthy as we were supposed to get rain this morning too and it never came. ;) However, the garden this year is just flourishing for some reason!  My dad was mainly the one who did the planting and starting the seeds this year, though my siblings and I have helped out with a few things here and there.  The peas and lettuce are absolutely out of control -- hopefully the tomatoes will do well too!
With this lovely hot weather, ;) my room has been heating up to a considerable temperature of 86F, so I have had trouble focusing on writing in such a warm place.  I can't even take refuge in the crawl-space second attic where it is inspiring to sit when it's raining or in the fall and spring as it is two times as hot right now.  It's a battle I just can't win no matter how hard I try . . . I attempt to get some cool, fresh air in at night through my sneakily opened windows, but by the time I wake up, it's hot out again and the hot air has already made its way into my room.  However, even with no place where I can have a safe-haven of coolness, I have still managed to find a little corner in my room where I can prop up a high speed fan and have my hair blown in my face to write. XD  It wouldn't normally be my first choice, but it's the best I can do for now since we only have one small air-conditioner.

And finally, the big question: what have I been writing? ;)
First of all, I have been making character profiles quite a bit.  Edna Pope from For Freedoms Cause is, at long last, getting her personality developed along with Clement Winthrop from the same book who is getting a full profile.  Liesl Arundel from The Chronicles of Starfield is getting a profile makeover this afternoon because I realized that how she was portrayed in her profile was much different than how she really is in my head.  I'm also attempting to make a bit of headway with chapter three of The Woodhouse Girls, and as some of you have expressed a wish to read it, I am hoping to post some excerpts pretty soon.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, lovely readers!  
And what else?  As an incredible surprise, I got a brilliant plotline idea for Where Violets Grow this morning as I was eating breakfast.  As some of you might already know, Where Violets Grow was my first novel and one that I have been writing for no less than two years.  Good grief. ;) After a little over a year of hard work on it, I realized that something about it just wasn't going to work, so I pretty much just chucked it and hoped for better novel ideas to come.  Its plotline was really actually quite good, but the catch is that when I started the novel, I was truly a not-so-great writer and when my style started to improve with practice on about chapter seven or so, I saw how bad the novel was and I didn't have enough faith in myself to continue it.  Now, six months after I dropped it, I get a better plot idea for it.  I have plans to start it totally over this fall and I will let you guys know when I do.  In the meantime, feel free to check out the current plotline on the 'Novels' page and drop some comments with suggestions.  Also, don't forget to check back later to see the new version of the plotline.  

What else?  I have recently started a short story called Violet: the ice princess, for little three-month-old Beatrix.  My mom asked me to watch her while she made dinner one evening last week, and the only way I could keep this sweet girl happy was to tell her a story in a high-pitched voice about an ice princess named Violet.  This princess went on lots of little adventures with her grey kitten -- Beatrix enjoyed the story to the utmost.  That got me started thinking about how I could preserve these silly stories for her to tell again since she enjoyed them so much, and being a writer, my mind of course jumped to the idea that I could write them down for her.  Thus I am on chapter three of this ice princess story. ;)  I am anticipating that there will be approximately ten chapters and will post the two full chapters I have so far soon.   As it's more of a children's book, I am trying to not commit so much of myself to it and focus much more on getting the story down than editing (which I actually should be doing anyhow for my novels). ;) It has definitely been a fun book to write so far, and a nice break from all the hardcore novels I have been working so hard on for the past few months.  There's no major profiles and plotlines involved for this one! :D

Please excuse the lack of posts on this blog recently.  I am procrastinating entirely too much, but what can you say -- it's summer! ;) 

What have you guys been up to?  What kind of posts would you like to see more of on The Inkpot Girl?  And how's your weather?


  1. That is so sweet that you are writing such wonderful tales for your sister-I'm sure she'll treasure them when she's older.
    Your photography is beautiful, as always.

    1. Thank you for the super sweet comment, Kathryn! And thank you for the compliment. Your photography is lovely as well. <3

  2. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN THIS SUMMER HAS BEEN SO WARRRRRRRRM. I'm honestly not even outside that much this summer (LIFE HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST SUMMER *sigh*), but that's okay because the weather has been SO HOT. Like especially this week has been scorching. But I almost like that because it's summer? But my garden is withering up SO I NEED RAIN TOO.

    Lovely photos!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Autumn! Oh goodness, you crack me up darlin'. :)

  3. Ahhh good luck on all your things!
    Aww, Beatrix sounds like the cutest. :)
    Ugh, I hate hot weather as well! Weirdly, it's been a super cool summer here. Usually our summers are a lot warmer.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Ellie! I hope hope they turn out well too.
      That's interesting, but it would make sense if you live down south or somewhere like that. We must be stealing somebody's hot weather! :D

  4. Ah!! Sophie! I'm so sorry!!! :( How 'bout you come up here, take a break from the bugs, mosquitoes and humidity!! It's been pretty warm here---seventies and such. lol Lemme send over my private jet to you--one sec....gotta take this call from the president. LOL xD <3 <3
    How sweet!! Those stories sound so cute! Can't wait to read 'em!!! <3 <3 <3
    Hmmmm.....I'd like to see more of the in-depth stuff of your novels and stories! It's (I think) pretty different from the actual story itself. I'm really interested in 'For Freedoms Cause', I think it sounds totally AMAAAAAZING!!! <3
    -Love the new blog header!! <3 :p
    -I'm thinking about changing my writing blog name....again......'cause my style has changed soooooo much since the orange-themed, 'Writer of Willowbrook Road'!! (I think I even wanted the 'o' capital 'O'!! :D )

    Love you! Girlfriend,
    Amelia xxx


    1. Thanks for the invitation! I would love to come visit you on your personal jet plane, oh, and tell the president I say hello! ;)
      Also, thank you for the feedback on what you would like to see more of on The Inkpot Girl. I really appreciate it and hope to get more of the stuff about my novels up soon! Yes, For Freedoms Cause should definitely be a fun one (if I ever get around to actually writing it). ;)
      So glad you approve of the new header! I can wait to see how your new blog looks. Thanks for letting me read it by the way -- it's been a real privilege and I don't know if I have ever really thanked you formally. Love all of your posts!
      Love and miss you too, sweet Milly. <3.

  5. Oh - how wonderful that you have been creating despite the awful weather! I myself am travelling through America and have also been rather shocked by how hot it is here. I had anticipated a bit of a cooler summer, but alas, all of my neatly packed sweaters are serving no purpose here! ;) Nevertheless - it is so lovely to know that the art persists despite the weather. That, I think, is a true test of tenacity. <3

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Topaz!! Yes, it certainly is rather hot here right now. ;) But hopefully it will cool down soon and we will get buckets of much-needed rain. :)


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