14 December 2016

Character Collages

So lately I've been making these character collages inspired by one I saw on Pinterest.  
It's so interesting to see the inadvertent color scheme of each character.  Enjoy!

Cali Argent from The Orphanage of Curosities

Edna Pope from For Freedoms Cause

Elladora Potts from The Islander

Sister Folly Maclain from Folly's War

Sir Philip Gladsteer from The Islander
Lila Camille from The Mayfield Girls

Tuck Graves from The Orphanage of Curiosities
Wesley Hugo Knightly from The Mayfield Girls
Iris Potter from The Chronicles of Starfield
Nat Inglethorpe from The Chronicles of Starfield
Silas Edgewood from The Chronicles of Starfield

and Liesl Pendragon/Arundel from The Chronicles of Starfield


  1. Ahhhh, these are all so awesome! I think I like Tuck's best <3 just looking at these gets me really intrigued in your novels!

    (I did the same thing a while ago here!)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you!! Yours are beautiful! I like how you did the one big photo of the characters face and then all the smaller photos of the objects. Really creative! <3 Thanks again!

  2. Sophiiiiiie! This is hilarious because I see a number of these pins on Pinterest myself! XDDDD
    I think I like Nat's and Tuck's and Edna's the best------all of them are so great!!!! Edna, but he way, is crazy tough! ;)
    You just inspired me to do more!!!!

    Amelia xxx

    1. Hehe, that's crazy! I guess they just circulate through the writers. ;)
      Thank you!! So glad you are inspired. That's my goal! :)


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