21 January 2017

The Painting - a descriptive paragraph written 10.3.16

On the wall there is a painting of big orange flowers in a copper frame.  Abstract green streaks of paint fly through the painted orange field like little air planes of grass.  

The woman who made this painting is abstract one as well, as are most artists.  She has iron grey spiked hair and unnaturally pink cheeks.  Her eyes are a bright hazel brown.  She is my aunt. 

In the corner of her painting of the orange poppies is a twinkling signature written with a thick, back, felt-tipped pen.  The "i" is dotted with a creative stair, and there are stars, and there are stars all around the "J".  2009 says the date; the year in which I was seven-years-old.  
- Oct. 3rd 2016


  1. Very creative! I really like the ABSTRAAAACT way you wrote it.....LOOOOOOL! XDD
    I remembering seeing that painting hundreds of thousands of millions of times every time I crossed that hall. How bittersweet. YOU'RE AUNT WROTE IT?! Seriously? XD That's so coooooooool.

    Amelia xxx

    Postscript: Do more posts on The Inkpot Girl!! (Please.)

  2. Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it! I have a bunch more of these descriptive paragraphs describing different things around the house . . . maybe I'll post them. :)
    Yes, she's super talented! I love all the colors in the painting. <3

    1. Oh, and yes of course I will do more posts on here!!! That's so encouraging! Thanks for telling me :D


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