24 February 2017

.there has to be a way.

I think I am different from some people in the way that I crave attention (or maybe not). It makes me sick to even think of being 'put on the spot', so to say, in person. Yet, the idea that I, and everyone else, have a chance at being known for doing something great fills me with such a strong desire that I just want to whip out my notebook and pencil and write down every single thing and writing idea that comes into my head.

I don't just want to write books or novels, but I want to create create stories that actually mean something to the reader; something that will change the way they think about a certain thing, make an opinion waver, bring a smile or a even a laugh to the reader's face. I have been told that I am ambitious, I know. I want to write books that are heavy with the reality of life -- the joys along with the sorrows. I don't know exactly what it will take or how long it will take; all I know is that I have a goal and that if I reach that almost seemingly impossible goal, I will be satisfied. 

There are so many beautiful things all around me. The world is ready to help me accomplish anything . . . if I only I can. I have a whole life and world full at my fingertips of new things everyday if only I knew how to use them. I keep telling myself that there has to be a way; there always is. 
There has to be a way I can capture it -- there must be a way! I will make a way.

My mission statement - 
Ever since I was a little girl, I have admired writers who have the skill of capturing life on paper. Not just a story, but life and real feelings. I think that to be able to put life down on paper is an incredible talent -- something I hope to do with my writing. Why? Mainly because books are so important; not many people realize how much the books they read effect them and their decisions. If you really think about it, you'll see how many of the choices you make and the things you say are influenced by the books you have read and the life stories you have experienced in book-form. 
My ambitious writing goal is why I am blogging here to share with you the importance of being yourself and sharing what really matters to you in your novel.  As a writer I want to be able to write something that will change the reader's mind or to make them think about something differently.  I don't want to just write books or novels, but I want to weave life's golden threads into story-form for others to experience.  The world is at your fingertips just waiting for you to reach out and use it to your advantage; you need only listen and you shall hear, only speak and you shall be heard. I keep telling myself that there has to be a way -- there must be a way.  My advice to you are to never give up even when the road gets
tough.  And to never ignore a possible as said in the book Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell.


  1. Whoa, pure poetry, Sophie. You empathy level is astounding, you touch people right in the spots that they need it most. Way to go!

    Amelia xxx

    1. Thanks, girlfriend!! Aww, thank you. <3 So glad it meant to much to you! I had a blast writing it. ;)

  2. Aw... <3 beautifully said. I feel the same way :)

  3. Oh my goodness. You just spilled my soul onto a page. This is one of my top three favorite posts of ever. I just love everything you do. Keep after your dreams my dear.
    <3 Mira

    1. Thank you, sweet Mira. Your comment just made my day. <33 I am so glad you enjoy my blog so much—that makes me beyond happy! :D
      Thanks for everything!


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