15 March 2017

{IMPORTANT} this blog is moving!!!

Hey!  Just wanted to let everyone know that Inklings Of The Inkpot Girl is moving in with my other blog, Lavender & Blue, simply for the sake of simplicity. ;)  I'll be posting all my writings (as well as photography) there.  I would definitely love you keep in touch with you all, so if you haven't seen my other blog, please stop by!  There is still access to all of my Writing Secrets 101 posts, but if you have a certain one of my other posts in mind you'd like me to keep available, let me know.
You can find my writing-related things by clicking the link at the very tippy-tip of the Lavender & Blue homepage.  Please tell me if one of my links if acting up on you and leading back to this blog. :D
Any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas are welcome in the comments below!

Adieu for now!  Hope to see you at LAVENDER & BLUE.


  1. Thank you for this update! I just read your post on Lavender & Blue and was totally confused when you said you had updated it to just one blog now -- But I totally like your choice. ;) I felt so much better when I combined both of my blogs as well. ;)

    Amelia xxx

  2. Oh my goodness gracious SORRY! XD Dorothy logged in, but just so you know, these two comments ^ are from Milly. ;) LOL

    Amelia xxx
    <3 <3

    1. Yeah! Glad you think it's a good idea . . . I've been considering it for a while, and I just have this feeling it's gonna be worth it in the end. So much less to manage . . . it's got to be worth it. ;D
      No worries! :)


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