The Chronicles of Starfield bk. 1: The Enchanted Wand [collaborative novel] (started: June 2015) 
                                          Set during: Quirky modern London
Adeline Pendragon's brother, Philip, with his dying breath, puts Adeline in charge of the Enchanted Wand, a wand which has the ability to possess other wands and their natural powers from their core.  Jealous, when a schoolmate, Edwin Homer, meets Adeline and finds out this, he murders her in order to have the enchanted possessing wand for himself.  When the Secret Police eventually track down Edwin for his crime, they confiscate the Enchanted Wand and hand it off to a famous wandmaker, Bartholomew.  Edwin is banished to a remote island by the Secret Police, unanimously voted to be sent by top-notch wizard lawyer, Robert Elderwood, husband of Edwin's sister, Bertha Homer Elderwood.  
Eight years later, Edwin escapes from the island and murders Mr. and Mrs. Elderwood as revenge.  As a thirteen-year-old orphan and witch, Iris is taken in by her magical aunt and uncle, Mabel and Kwent.  She then meets Liesl Pendragon and is sent to Starfield Boarding School for the Specially Gifted.  Her teachers begin to suspect she is an Aerokinesis like her uncle who also went to the school.  In an attempt to enjoy the school more, Iris and Liesl, now good friends, seek out the school library (supposedly haunted) where Adeline's ghost resides.  They happen upon an old school yearbook with Edwin Homer's class photograph in it.  Iris explains how she is related to him to Liesl and the two take the yearbook with them along with a few other spellbooks.  
Three days later, Iris and Liesl go back to the library to return their books.  This time, they hear someone talking and they listen to what the voice is saying.  Iris and Liesl meet the ghost who was talking to herself -- Adeline Pendragon, possibly Liesl's aunt.  Adeline, the ghost, wants revenge and tells Iris and Liesl the story of the Enchanted Want and how she was murdered by Edwin over eight years ago.  It becomes more and more apparent that Adeline has been dwelling in the past and has no idea of what is happening the current world.  As Iris and Liesl research more about Adeline's killer, they are shocked to discover that it's Iris's uncle, Edwin Homer, and that Adeline truly is Liesl's dead aunt.  Liesl's mind beings to wander to the markings on the metal handle of her hand: A. Pendragon, and Iris and Liesl realise that Liesl herself is in possession of the Enchanted Wand.  With Edwin Homer still on the loose since he most recently killed Iris's parents, the two girls must make a choice: find Edwin and get revenge for Adeline, or get rid of the wand and run.  As Liesl uses the Enchanted Wand at Starfield, it sends off a tracking signal to Edwin telling him exactly where the wand is and who is in possession of it.  With the ability to now track down and find Liesl at the school, he makes a plan to attack.  Will Iris, Liesl, and their friends be able to find a way to destroy the wand in time even though it has started backfiring all the spells Liesl does with it?  And will Adeline, becoming more and more social and impatient by the minute, be able to keep her mouth zipped about the wand before the Secret Police seize Iris and Liesl?

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Nathaniel Inglethorpe
Liesl Pendragon/Arundel
Iris Elderwood

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